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Wealth Planning

We tailor solutions to manage your wealth

We take a holistic approach to assess your needs, which allows us to provide you with solutions that would address your needs depending on your personal, family, and professional circumstances. We tailor solutions to manage your wealth. We provide lasting structures that will ensure your loved ones are protected, your life goals are met and your wealth is spent on the causes that you care about. 



We help you to ensure a smooth transition of wealth from one generation
to the next

We ensure that your wealth is structured around your objectives and a right success planning is in place and any legal and tax implications that may arise when passing it on are well taken care of. 



Providing certainty of income while you are overseas

Whether it’s for your children’s education or for your personal reasons, relocating overseas is a decision that requires careful thought.

We will structure your assets to ensure that your assets are well taken care of and to provide certainty of income while you are overseas.

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Family Business

Family Business

We help families organise, protect and transmit their wealth 

Family is the heart of our society. Family values are preserved across generations. We help families organise, protect and transmit their wealth to several generations.

We work with you to address issues specific to family businesses, such as governance, succession and wealth planning.

Fiduciary and Trust Services

We help you create and administer legal entities to translate your aspirations into action 

We help our client’s philanthropic goals and achieve new perspectives and lasting legacies.

If you want to realize your family values, create a personal legacy for a cause that you care about, our role is to help with structuring, and asset management of your contribution. 

Fiduciary and Trust Services
Occupational Pensions and Saving Plans

Occupational Pensions and Saving Plans

We help you with structures and administration platforms for saving plans for your employees


We work with employers to design saving plans for employees. In addition to providing a great avenue to save while working, saving plans are important for employers in retaining key talent and providing them with lasting memories when they retire or leave your organisation. 

Such saving plans can be part of the executive compensations.

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